Product launch and development in foreign markets

We deliver full scope of services to the companies with the aim to extend activities in foreign markets. Our team created an extended network of trusted partners with different capabilities to ensure high quality service in every country we cover, and guarantee successful brand development combined with excellent financial performance.

  • Market analysis to identify business potential
  • Legal environment and regulatory requirements
  • Full scope of pharmacovigilance service
  • Promotional campaigns for the hospital and retail brands
  • Logistic service with full QA compliance
  • Tender management for hospital products

EUSOVA geography

Eusova coverage - we work in the markets with approximately 20 billions USD turnover (IQVIA data), extending from Norway to Mongolia, where our team has worked for 25 years already. We have dedicated people and partners, trusted and committed to develop different areas of the business.

EUSOVA brands

Eusova represents and develops brands that aim to satisfy unmet medical needs to support healthy lifestyle, improve immunity system, cope with infections, support cardiovascular and endocrine systems performance.

  • COVIRIN and COVIRIN KIDS&TEENS: natural food supplements with unique composition with 16 active ingredients - 9 essential vitamins, 2 important minerals and 5 natural extracts. It has scientific proofs to increase human resistance to various health problems and improve the immune system.

  • AIRINIVOL:innovative dental care product, dedicated to solve orthodontic problems. EUSOVA has distribution rights for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Sakartvelo.

  • BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS FOR MEN AND WOMEN: in cooperation with partners we create the line of supplements aimed to improve men and women health status, increase ability to cope with growing stress impact, aging problems, cardiovascular and endocrine system disorders.

Why EUSOVA is worth to be trusted partner for the foreign markets development?

Our partnership based on transparency and mutual needs satisfaction, quick interaction and sustainable cooperation.

25 years of experience and brand success stories in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

Deep knowledge of pharma markets: wide network of trusted partners, understanding of target audience and it’s unmet needs, ability to meet regulatory requirements, pharma marketing competence.

Experienced team with clear desire to overperform partners expectations - deep knowledge of business potential, based on market analysis, strategic mindset, right set of channels and tools, responsible implementation.

Let's do something meaningful. Together.